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Re: Procrastination? Removed My Lynchpin!

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allan wallace
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Hmmm, I’ve never been a stickler for protocols, and probably should have announced my arrival in an ‘Introduction’s Thread’, but this will just have to do; G’day from Downunder! 😆 I’ve just been directed to this site from a support grough for ADHD which I’m in the process of joining.

It’s somehow comforting knowing that there are other grand procrastinators shamefully slinking about, and that I’m not the only one that is made to feel like some freak that has somehow managed to take chronic under-achievement to previously unplumbed depths! It is refreshing! Yes, the world could be on the cusp of oblivion, and I’d be pottering about doing nothing, promising to get around to something that I just can’t be bothered to do until tomorrow, or the day after, or sometime later, any time but right now! My procrastination has been my ‘achilles heel’ for so long that I’ve often wondered if there is any way out of the abyss that was once just a well worn rut….for example, I injured my back in 1989 playing tennis. I said that I’d get it looked at later that week. Fast forward to 2012 and in one week I saw a doc twice, and had a CT scan. Nothing too serious, but it illustrates my ‘efficiency’. Twenty bloody three years later I got around to it. If there is a panacea to procrastination, I’d love to taste it… 😳