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Re: Procrastination? Removed My Lynchpin!

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Back to the topic:

This is an interesting observation @MerryMac. Thank you for sharing this because you’ve helped me recognize a similar thought process that goes like this:

1. There’s something I want or need to do but cannot take the first step to getting it done.

— Maybe I don’t know the first step so decide to “look into it.”

— Maybe I don’t have the materials or the money to accomplish the task.

Either way, now the damn task is sitting in my head, taking up space (and usually cluttering my home as well).

And it will sit right there, holding up the works for days, months or years depending on what it is. If the task is monumental, oh I can break it into steps – but the way I end up doing that makes it look like I’m avoiding the task! I’ll do something else and let my brain think about the other thing that I can’t currently figure out or think is too insurmountable to begin with.

And I procrastiante. (why? why? why?!)

Sometimes, all of the things I need to do become overwhelming and I get stuck. Then I avoid.

At some point (hopefully), I take the one step I am most afraid of and I feel a huge sense of relief. Now I’ll move through whatever it is, get it done, reflect and wonder why I could not have just done that in the first place.