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Re: Pshychoanalysis anyone?

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Too true. Everything has it’s place, and multi-modal therapy works very well in many circumstances. I see a lot of it in my rehab nurse work. A good example is that failure to take adequate pain relief can actually hold up a patient’s progress, unless they are particularly strong willed and positive in their outlook.

I have plowed my way through more of the very long paper about psychoanalysis and found the study of a boy, with ADHD symptoms that fit the DSM criteria for diagnosis, who attended therapy for two years, with the result that he no longer fit the DSM criteria for ADHD by the conclusion of therapy. It’s very encouraging, but also confronting, because it makes me look to my children (my daughter with anxiety and my son with ADHD) and wonder how much of their issues have been caused by my own unresolved conflicts – has it all paid forward and affected them? Quite probably, if you use a psychoanalytical model. But it also means they are treatable too, under the same model. So it’s a double edged sword.

Wow. This has turned into quite an interesting week!! My mind has really been stretched and challenged. I have already started reflecting back on my life and allowing my thoughts to really roam through my life without stopping the minute I feel anxiety creeping in. Come what may, this week has already had a positive effect on my life by making me question the way I think about behaviours and their origins. Conflict is necessary for us to grow, as I was told at a recent conference, and how true is that!!