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Re: Putting order in my life: what's working for me

Re: Putting order in my life: what's working for me2012-09-17T18:15:30+00:00

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Great post!

Somethings that worked for me aren’t working for me anymore. So I am recalculating my life sort to speak.

Now my mind is post hyper focusing on this letter that I can’t open. About a month ago my manuscript went into reviewing. Today, I got a bigger letter from the publishing company. Okay, half my mind is worried about the letter the other half is yelling at me to do work.

So my goal is to clean up the house, but it looks like it is not going to work.

Here is what I am going to do: set my timer to ten minutes, make a short lists of three things I need to do, set timer, see if I can do all three things before the half an hour timer goes off, once timer goes off, make another short list of three things, and set timer all over again.

So that is my plan of right now. Hope it works.