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Re: Putting order in my life: what's working for me

Re: Putting order in my life: what's working for me2012-09-21T01:14:44+00:00

allan wallace
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Losing stuff has always been a problem for me, so the easiest way to not lose things was to not have them. I got sick of losing watches, so I just stopped wearing them when I was about 20. I haven’t been so bad at losing keys lately, but I did go a long time without carrying any about with me. I haven’t replaced my last mobile phone which I lost after having for a few days. I’d previously lost the charger for it, but kept the phone until I got around to getting a new charger, I had it in a drawer for over 6 months, but it only took 2 days to lose the bloody thing and I never got the photos off it which is why I kept it in the first place. I keep things to a minimum, but as I’ve finally decided to come to terms with my condition I’m hopeful of being able to for the first time in my life being organised and efficient. Those words are terrifying, but I’m going to give it a crack to attain these elusive and mysterious states….