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There is definitely help for adults with dyslexia. It is important to understand the thinking style behind dyslexia. Yes there can be learning challenges but at the heart of dyslexia is also a creative talent – similar to ADD. People with dyslexia typically think more in pictures and can use all of their senses when imagining, to the point where they can experience their imagination as reality. These images can often be viewed mentally from different perspectives like a camera moving around an object. This visual/spatial thinking style can allow for some wonderful gifts and talents to emerge in the arts, design, architecture, strategic thinking etc. Just think of all of the famous dyslexics and their accomplishments. This thinking style can contribute to confusions when dealing with 2 dimensional symbols like letters, numbers and words. If they are viewed in 3- D a person will experience those typical symptoms of reversals and transpositions. You can learn to turn off this 3-D thinking when reading for example so these perceptual distortions won’t happen. One must also be aware of how picture thinking contributes to difficulties with language. Words like dog, ball, house and pencil lend themselves to an image very easily. You can easily imagine each one of those things. But can you imagine “the” ? How about “is”, “if”, “was”, “of”? Usually there is no image, just a blank for these high frequency words, or you might just see the spelling of the word. It is these words that typically give dyslexics trouble when reading. So, the next step is to make sure you have a picture (an accurate picture that reflects the meaning, not just an association) for those words. My website can give you more information http://www.mindoverdyslexia.ca