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Nimthriel: We all have the right to have an opinion, and thankfully the right to express it openly. That’s what makes a horse race. Sorry to hear that you, along with most traditonal health practitioners, think there is no place in medicine for homeopthy. I on the otherhand have a relaxed lifestyle now that I have not enjoyed for “DECADES”, partially due to homeopathy. Placebo or not, I actually look forward to going to work each day now, and I have a very stressfull job. I have recently had a complete physical, and since I have stopped taking all but one of the “traditional” liver toxic products that the legalized drug pushers so readily supply, my liver function has normalized. This may not seam important to most people, but having had colon and liver cancer surgeries, but refusing chemo and radiation, I feel my life depends on keeping as many chemicals out of my system as possible. All persons taking drugs, or meds on a daily basis should do themselves a favour and have their liver function tested at least yearly. It may save their life. It’s true I still have to take an rx to get to sleep every night, and will continue to do so for the next four months in order to put the 60-70 hours in weekly it takes to run my business. But I am looking forward to the next four months because I get to help of lot of people who really depend on me, some even follow some of the methodes I have used to get my life back. Then I’m going to see a Naturopath who also practises Homeopathy, what a waste of time and money according to you. in june to explore natural sleep aids, and hopefully get off the last RX. Am I lucky, blessed like my DR says, or on to something? I don’t care, I’M alive and getting well, so I’m not changing anything quickly.

My lifestyle is not for everyone, and I’m not suggesting anyone try to make changes without consulting the professionals they are seeing. If you feel what you are currently doing is giving you the life you want, then don’t try to fix something that is not broken.

I have wanted to say this to someone anonamusly for several years. Thankyou Nimthiriel for giving me the opportunity.

I noticed you quote someone who feels the need to use profanity. You realize that this is a sign of a weak mind trying to be forceful.

PS: I wish this site had a spell check feature.