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Re: Quick idea for getting motivated.

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I tried to start a new thread but the site won’t let me for some reason.

I am having a VERY odd day. I feel extremely energised, motivated and I’ve done around a quarter of my uni coursework today – seriously!

I really can’t put it down to the lumosity games – I’ve been playing them for a month without such a successful effect.

So. What could it be? WHY am I feeling like this?

I am on pain meds for my back. I was pretty knocked out by the codeine and diazepam but today I’ve just been taking the nefopam hydrochloride.

I’ve not had them before. could it be there’s something in them that’s making me…dare I say it…focus?!

I feel very peculiar. I’m in a bit of discomfort with my back and have spent the day in bed but it’s been the most productive day I’ve known in…well…I wouldn’t like to think how long.

What’s going on?! Anyone?