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Re: Quick idea for getting motivated.

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You’e in the UK? Oh so many questions!

I was prescribed it for back pain (with codeine and diazepam though I only used them for the first couple of days.

I feel the same today as I did yesterday – namely quite focused! My husband has noticed some random things – like I didn’t pull the thing I wanted from the bottom of the pile and let everythign else fall over for example!

So back to the questions –

what meds are you on and how did you get them? Were you offered any other help? Is your GP supportive?

Oh my! This is quite exciting. i know it can’t be a placebo effect because I started looking into this AFTER I realised I was focusing more, rather than finding out it might help and feeling like I was focusing more if that makes sense. In other words I think this is working…for now at least!