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Re: Quick idea for getting motivated.

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Hi Tiddler

To answer your questions:

I haven’t seen my GP yet. They are good people but we get 5 minute appointments and I decided not to see them in the first instance. I read so much that said you need to see a specialist in adult ADHD that I decided to by-pass them, at least for the moment.

I did an internet search and found a private psych who specialises in adult ADHD and made an appointment for an assessment which I had in November. The assessment cost £750 (can’t quite remember but it wasn’t less than that and it was under £800). I had been saving for some renovation work on the house so blew some of it on the assessment instead!

My psych prescribed me methylphenidate (I now take the brand name Ritalin) but she only did it because I could prove I had recently had a medical from my GP. She had to send a report to my GP so no doubt they will get involved soon. My psych was keen to rule out a physical cause of the symptoms and also to check blood pressure etc.

I am still playing with my Ritalin dose. It is the instant release stuff we get here. At the moment I take one 10 mg pill up to 4 times a day depending on my day. That dose keeps me emotionally regulated so I don’t lose my cool at work. If I start my day late I might just take two. More recently I have been taking it less but instead ear marking half a day for focused undisturbed work and then I take 15 mg followed by 10 mg.

Today I took none but found I needed Red Bulls to keep going. I noticed I got my bounce back though.

My psych is good and she recommended that I should try to get further prescriptions from my GP to save money. Also she told me I live in the catchment area for an NHS based group. However, now I have spent the big sum of money I am loathed to go elsewhere unless my financial circumstances change. I can’t bear the thought of talking to someone new about it especially if not a specialist.

There are disadvantages to getting diagnosed – namely you are obliged to tell the DVLA. They are apparently assessing me for my fitness to drive now!

If you want more info just let me know.