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Re: Quick idea for getting motivated.

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Ah. Okay. I’m glad some others are interested in Lumosity!

I have made quite pleasing progress so far. I’ll describe some of the activities and how I think they’re helping:

The ones where I have to work at speed are giving me a bit of a kick up the backside. I’m getting faster and faster at them and that is very exciting. Although speed is my weakest area, seeing the improvement is a big kick.

Some of the activities work on having to remember what you’ve seen previously and you have to click whether the next one is the same or different. As you progress, you have to remember what the one TWO places before was like and decide whether the symbol you’re looking at now is the same or different. I am slowly making progress on these and feel they’re helping a little with my memory already. (It’s only been a month so far.)

Some work on visual attention – man they’re HARD! Sometimes you’ll see a bird flash briefly on the screen, with some dots flashing up too AND a letter. You have to remember the letter and click on exactly where you saw the bird at the same time. Others ask you to click on things in the order they appeared or you’ll see several numbers flash on screen and you have to click on where they were in order of size.

Some have faces and names that you have to link in various ways. Not easy for me at all but I’m definitely improving on it and I feel that I can recall the names of a few of them instantly which Im hoping will help when I’m meeting people.

The logic and maths problem solving games are my favourites. I find them pretty easy. That said, I’m getting a lot more satisfaction from the tiny improvements I’m making on the stuff I find hard!

Some require flexible thinking – ‘brain shift’ and again I find them very challenging. For example, you have 2 boxes, both with a letter and a number in. One box needs the letter to be a vowel and the other needs the number to be even. When the letter and number flash up in each box, you need to remember which box requires which rule, remember work out quickly if it fits and rmember which key to press. I get very muddled on that one but I’m finding strategies to help, which I feel is helping me make decisions about things I struggle with.

There are word games too that supposedly help with that ‘tip of the tongue’ feeling when you just can’t[ get the right word out. They’re fun but there are times when my brain just switches off and I end up staring at the clock ticking down wondering what on earth I can write that starts with the letters ‘pro’ for example!

Here are some free ones just for fun. You can sign up for a 30 day trial. A year’s membership was quite expensive but I found an internet code to type in that brought it down from £60 to £47, so that was worthwhile.




Have fun!