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My hobby is reading. I have gone through about 2000 books this year. I don’t read all the words, hate too much description and can read a book or two in a few hours. I get the flavor of the characters or story. I always joke that they don’t write fast enough. I don’t have the patience to wait for a year for the next book. I also do a lot of research for ancestry or other things. I read the paper but only stay focused on articles that interest me. I will take up an exercise for a day or two but then something else catches my eye and I am off. I do really well on tight tight deadlines but get hopelessly lost on open ended projects. I always underestimate how long things will take and try to finish just on time. This leaves me lots of time to get distracted by a million other things.

I have stayed home for the last 2 years. Therefore I have endless hours to fill. So I cycle through my hobbies of reading, researching, sewing, cooking, baking, eating out and still have lots of time for daydreaming and napping. I can waste time with the best of them. I can do everything faster (and usually because of the haste on detail jobs sloppier) then everyone else. I get a call company will be here in 2 hours. I can shampoo the rugs, clean the house, throw a fresh coat of paint on the walls, have time to whip up 2 dozen appetizers, get to the store for the turkey for next weeks dinner, pick up the dry cleaning I forgot last week, do a student teacher interview about the problem my daughter is having in school, get home as you are about to give up and go home because I am an hour late. That is just the way my brain works. When I am on an adrenaline high everything fires better and faster. Better not to tell me 3 weeks before because nothing will get done. I have bought new sewing machines that never make it out of the box, craft projects I don’t have time for (and I have nothing but time) and other time wasters. I get addicted to an activity and can do it 23 hours a day. Then I have to wean myself off because it is having an negative influence on the family. For about 3 months I was playing all the facebook games 23 hours a day. I would cycle through them, spend money to get me places faster (about $300.00 on things that weren’t tangible) and interact exclusively with other gamers. My family and home suffered, my friends were hurt because I would go to their homes and play on their computer. Finally my computer broke down and a five day break just about killed me. But it did allow me the chance to step away. Now I don’t dare even open one of the games in case I get dragged back in. If I am not careful books, tv shows or other imaginary worlds lure me in and I lose perspective with the real world. Everything in the virtual world is neat and clean. There is always a happy ending or at least a conclusion unlike the world of mothering teenagers who hate you and what you stand for.

I am hyperactive in a still body. My brain needs to be continually engaged. I hate sports because I trip going upstairs. I do not pay close attention where I am going or my body positioning. I often trip over other people even if they are standing beside me. My mind is a million miles away. I set a direction and I go without focusing on what obstacles are there. My brain says “get the laundry out of the dryer” and I fall headlong down the stairs because I didn’t see the dog. But I bounce pretty good.