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One thing that I can stay focused on are sports which give an adrenalin rush. When I was in high school I joined every sports team going as well as the cheerleading squad. Being a cheerleader I could attend all of the boys’ games – i.e. football, etc. First of all, I didn’t care much for school as I thought it was boring and, secondly, the sports gave me an outlet for my ADHD (which I didn’t know at the time I had).

One of my hobbies is sewing. I shake my head at my sister who knits to pass the time away because I can knit (I’m a natural, ha ha) but I hate it because it doesn’t produce results as fast as sewing. The only way I can stay on task with the sewing, however, is to have a planned finish date. For example, when my girls went to the high school prom and needed a dress by Friday, I could whip something up in about a day. Or, if they were in a wedding party, I would procrastinate but always had the finished product on time.

I once starting a rug hooking project which has been in my closet, unfinished, for 33 years (that’s really bad). I started it when I had my first child and thought it would look nice in her room. It never made it there and it’s pattern is so outdated I should throw it out or find someone else who might enjoy finishing it, which I doubt. (I’ve wasted so much money on ‘things’ that never get completed I should be a millionaire by now.)

I always knew that I could fly by the seat of my pants, and under pressure was even better. I used to say to my friends, “if you’re going to Florida, give me 20 minutes to pack, and I’m with you.” I jokingly bragged about doing things well under pressure. I just thought it was part of my ‘wonderful’ personality. Then I found out that’s the only way I can actually finish a any job.

I used to work a weekly newspaper business doing the typesetting. I only worked a total of two days a week because I was very fast and efficient. My boss let me make my own hours as he knew that I would have the job done on time for publishing. Sometimes, I’d work until 1:00 in the morning, all alone at the office, and my fingers would be flying right up to the enth hour but it worked. I must like being tired as opposed to rested?!?!!