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As a teacher, I feel the need to point out that remembering what you read and comprehending what you read are two different things.

Comprehending is making meaning out of what you read. Remembering is retaining what you read. It’s possible to retain without comprehending. And vice versa.

As you are reading, are you comprehending individual sentences as you go along? Monitoring your comprehension the entire time that you are reading is important, because you need to start correcting the problem the moment comprehension starts breaking down.

If you are having trouble comprehending, before you even start reading something, try activating your prior knowledge. Think about what you already know about this topic, and try to anticipate what this particular piece might be about. If you don’t know anything about a topic before you start reading, it’s much harder to comprehend. Try to connect what you already know to what you are reading in the piece.

The human brain makes meaning and retains it, by connecting new information to things you already know.