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Re: Reading out loud

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Interesting I break down the words into syllables like that sometimes. Do you do that out loud so everyone in the library hears you or just in your noggin? I do it out loud and understandably it really does not make me a fan favorite of that quiet zone venue.


A few questions if I may.

Why do u think it makes reading easier for you?

Are you able to control/manage this reading out loud technique as to do it in appropriate venues only or do you do it in libraries as well?

I use the out loud technique with the syllable method to drown out exterior noises and distractions. Some of which might be real jackhammer noises coming from street repair or other times it may be to just to overtake the distractions that seem to resonate and pulsate internally only in my brain. Problem for me is the in my head distractions are often a greater power than the ability to manage where and when it is appropriate to use the out loud method.

I would love to here ways I might be able to “manage” my inability to control the inner impulsive ramblings and fuzziness in my head so that i can use the methods above in a constructive manner instead of destructive.

Is this where the holistic approach of T and medications would be justified?