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Re: Reading out loud

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I need the perfect environment to read… Quiet and still. I must be comfortable as well.. No exterior noise or I forget everything I read. If I remember to re-read something preferably 2 or 3 more times I often find I have missed an important word or figure that completely changes the whole context of what I was reading. DUH! They checked me for dyslexia, No problem there.

Really dopey thing I do or should say do not do is… I do not read long important docs because it would take me forever and I get frustrated… Oh great the long important docs…….. You can see the trouble that gets me into.!

When I went back to college and actually passed 2 classes it was very difficult. Only place I could study was at the school library in a conference room that was off limits tucked away in the corner that I just used. I even then would cover my ears and read aloud to myself.. When I asked librarian if it was “ok” . NO way! She would say but being an ADDer that never really stopped me. When i was in this perfect environment it was amazing what I did learn lol Pisses me off cause 35 years ago when I was in public school I remember having the same problem just it is worse now…

HOLY CRAP I just remembered when i was in shop classes I nearly failed not becasue I could not use the tools but I did crappy on all the written tests,MR MCCONNELL OR MCDONELL? F-U ,,,Duh I was always distracted by the cool tools that I new how to use but was often prevented to because I did so shitty on the safety tests in which I would always forget to answer PUT on safety goggles first!.. I wanted to go to Vot tech so badly but my mother thought i had no interest in it… That was not it at all I just was frustrated and said I hated the class which pissed my father off as he was a pipefitter and was really good with his hands….

BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT ………..If you are a parent and suspect your child has ADHD, Please have him/her tested if not for your sanity His or Hers!!!! I am not a nuclear physicist nor will I ever be, but I am learning I am really not stupid at 48 just dumb and stubborn……….