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Re: recently (and unexpectedly) diagnosed- and still floundering

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You say that you are in Ontario. If you go into Service Canada they have a computer test you can take called Choices that help you narrow down what you would be suited to do when you grow up. I’m 42 and still waiting. I had my own business for 2 years and established a Seniors Business. Not ideal for a workaholic but every day was different and I never got bored. I set my own hours and decided who to take as a client and what hours to work. The fact that I would leave the house at 6 am and return at 11 or 12 at night was my own fault. I did this job in London and there was lots of calls. When I moved back out west there was no way that in this much larger city I could do it. But I really enjoyed being the business owner but I could never find staff, most of my appointments were across the city from one another. So I just took on all the clients that called and set up as many appointments as I could fit in a day (more really but you see my point) and in the evenings I took my kids with me so that they had someone to watch them and I had some help. My husband worked 2 hours away and would only come home on weekends so that was when I would schedule the heavy jobs that he could help me with. So for 2 years our whole family life took place at the home of other people while we worked.

So if they won’t help you at Service Canada you could also try to community college where you are. They have guidance counselors who excel in helping people pinning down what to do. You probably need a job that is constantly changing. If you are a typical Combined then you need something that is going to keep you engaged for more then a few weeks. Or you could try to work through a temp agency so that you are always on the go. This way right around the time the job is starting to get boring you are on to the next opportunity. Also you may not be a morning person but perhaps your natural body rhythm may be for late day work. My husband really doesn’t get going for the first 2 hours he is up so he sets the alarm 2 hours before he needs to leave so that he has his “me” time. Maybe you need to find a job that is flexible about when you need to arrive and when you leave. I always leave half an hour early because I hate being late but for my hubby the only thing he has ever been early for was his birth. So I just tell him things are a half hour or more before they are so we arrive on time.

Also did you try the local chapter of Caddac for some low cost resources in the Brampton area. Maybe you can find a “buddy” that you can call when you feel like you are grinding your wheels and not getting anything done. And volunteer work is great that it can lead to a opportunity for employment. See if one of the larger pet centres in your area could use you on a part time basis to do what you are now doing for free. At this point you are probably better to start slow and build up some momentum when you find a good niche. This way you do not overwhelm yourself and further push yourself back to a feeling of despair.

Good Luck.