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Re: recently (and unexpectedly) diagnosed- and still floundering

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turbo- i don’t know about the desperate urge to work (cos i’m a bit of a slacker on that front when left to my own devices :D) but i am definately waking up fresh as a daisy and ready to get out of bed, which is a novel thing indeed. where previously there was much groaning, wailing, and repeated pleading for ‘just a few more hours’, when he tried to shake me awake at 2pm, now i’m up by myself at 9am, out of bed, and bugging the bf with ‘what are we gonna do today? can we hang doors today? we could rip out the basement insulation? you wanna take me to michaels for glittery acrylic paint? can i use the circular saw? i’m just gonna peel off this bit of wallpaper right here….’, etc (we’re renovating- well, technically i’m destroying and dismantling and he’s tearing his hair out trying to reassemble, but close enough!) before he knows whats hit him. poor lad. you should get one of those thigh-master thingies, plus a microwave and mini-fridge- or a toaster and breadbin- set up in your office- then you can multi-task! :P

thanks curlymoe! i’m not very clued in about ontario stuff yet- i’ve only been here ..ooooh… six years now. :P i just looked quickly and found a bunch of career quizzes on their jobbank site that are gonna be really helpful, for a start! is that choices thing at one of their ‘in person’ locations? you’re totally right about the career stuff too- i’m lousy for the first few hours after i wake up, i allow myself 3 hours to get ready but am still late (i asked the bf today to tell me he wants me ready an hour before he really does from now on- we’ll see how that goes!) and if there are jobs that are flexible like that, it’d be awesome.

i’m totally unfamiliar with caddac, so i’m gonna have to look them up and pick their brains about that mentoring stuff. unfortunately it’d be really tricky for me to get paid for what i’m doing without doing a 1 year vet-tech certificate, but i am trying to use the volunteer-work as (hopefully) a step into a retail position in an arts/crafts store or ‘creative activites with kids’ kinda job- my co-ordinator wrote me a really good reference- all i gotta do now is not screw up the online application forms (they have math tests and personality profiling stuff and the questions all seem sneakily tricky- like “would your friends describe you as someone who always keeps promises?” – i checked ‘not at all’ -but there is nowhere for me to explain that thats because my friends know that i don’t MAKE promises- i say that i intend to do something, and i’ll do my best- and i’m reliable, but i do not ever promise things- cos i can’t see the future, and shit happens sometimes. urgh!). the bf and my mum both insist that i start part-time with work stuff too, cos he doesn’t want me to have a meltdown either- it does make sense. :)

…. you ADHD people are all so smart and helpful! thank you!