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Re: recently (and unexpectedly) diagnosed- and still floundering

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I love your posts! You are a wonderful, upbeat writer and you sound like you have ADHD ;-) I’m going to make a couple suggestions that you can take for whatever you think they are worth…

1) There is nothing worse than being ADHD and working with a dud doctor. Ask around and see if there is another doc who is more your style and seems to be the local ADHD expert. My son went through three until he found the right one. The interesting, “on top of things” doc will give you a comfort level that will help you take some of those monkeys off of your back and put them on his.

2) Our experience with Stratera was a bummer. With so many phamecutical (sk) options available just keep trying out different dosages and meds. Our current favorite is the Daytrana patch. Once you figure out how many mgs you need they last longer than the others with the best results–IMO. In our house one child uses a 30 mg patch, one teenager uses two 20 mg patches at once, and I use two 30 mg patches at once.

3) Your sleep and work schedule sounds like mine when I was your age. I excelled working nights in retail–we are all creative and talkative you know?! There IS something out there that you will love and take charge in an “out of the box” sort of way–I promise!

4) College is hard for us because a class has to hold our interest, sitting still is awful, and homework (especially those long 10 pages papers) suck. My brother had no college, opened his own sales-rep office, and with personality and doing things his way he ended up making the biggest salary of all his siblings. Being your own boss, with the help of a good accountant, is the best route for us.

5) Back to meds–once you get the meds figured out your life will improve dramatically. Chores get done, we complete the list we made, we don’t irritate others so much, we can hold onto jobs, and we can communicate better.

Good luck to you and relax. It all gets better eventually, I promise!