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Re: Relationship of low hormones to ADHD symptoms?

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@Saffron — I always ask for advice, I get so much help from hearing about others experience. I really, really don’t want to be so unique that no one else can relate to me, or I to them. Thank you so much.

Your post talking about your hypothyroidsim helps me more than I can say. What she has said about why the move is occurring is spot on. She has said over and over this is temporary. That during this time she still wants a lot of interaction with me but she just needs a sabatical. I hope she will get the help she needs. We both need to have a lessening of or a need to feel released from those demands. I feel so much pressure to do the right thing, and patience is not a quality I’ve ever had. (Think ADHD has anything to do with this?)

We had a good heart to heart yesterday. I still don’t like the seperation for macho reasons (can’t protect you if your away), for my own selfish reasons that are many but not right, and deeper reasons far in the past. Many times this hard “space” in my prior relationships resulted in the termination of that and I can’t bear the thought now.

Anyway – I don’t know if you like country music but the lyrics from a Carrie Underwood song “Lessons Learned” is awesome. When it comes to the current state of our relationship this song pegs me like a dart in the bullseye. The many problems my untreated ADHD and hormone problem enabled are now in the past, things I said I wish I could retract, can never be — feeling remorse over my deeds is deep, but I need to move out of it and on to the solutions. I need to find a way to “Get Over it” (another song – Eagles), and she has said that this move may be the thing that will help her get over it too. That’s what it’s got to boil down to, is we get over it and live for today and plan for the future.

Last night we talked about a summer vacation event, which she has said is still an us/we event. That did a lot to calm me down — and other assurances that WE talked about. I pray this event in our lives will enrich us and help us both get over it and learn some lessons…