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Re: Ritalin + Evening Primrose + Fish Oil (omega 3)

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Hi, Zoe.

There have been increasing number of studies and review of studies since about 2006. Basically, there is no clear evidence pointing to it being good but all studies show that it is not bad or harmful.

When thinking about science, the first question asked is “Does it make sense?” Sitting on an eraser curing ADHD doesn’t make sense, for example. But there is some sense to the idea that if you have better insulation (which is what Omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil afford us), then presumably the circuits should work more efficiently. The literature in dementia, for example, shows a trend in this direction. Is it the answer for ADHD?There is no study thus far that shows that it is superior to ADHD medications. Most studies suggest that it is a useful adjunctive treatment and part of a comprehensive treatment approach.

Regarding fish oil improving the serotonin effects of fluoxetine…….there is nothing convincing.

Having said all that, there is some data emerging from the UK that points a much better picture and it was a very well controlled study. But, it needs replication. One of my concerns is that they don’t always show teacher improvement but they do show parental improvement.

Primose Oil in PMS? I don’t know enough about this but it has been thrown around along with B complex vit. supplementation.