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You should be going to a DR. Psychatrist speciallized in ADD/ADHD. Ritalin is a chemical that effects dopamine and seratonin levels in the brain. You are trying to get these checmicals to a proper level…

My Dr had me try a 5 mg dose of Ritalin for 3 days. He had me come in and asked how I felt. He went over my blood pressure with me. He had me describe howI felt, what I noticed etc. I had great results. I asked for a timed release medication. Once again a week trial and a DR. Visit to go of my physical reactions. Then a month session and a revist on dossage.

In addition there are possible drug interaction. All this you need to know about. Over the counter nasal decongestants can cause problems-MAOI inhibiters also work on brain chemistry — taking these together can cause problems…

In conclusion Ritalin in its various forms is very safe.if taken correctly..

Common houshold salt can kill you if taken in excess…

It does take expert advise from a trained Physician to help you get to the propper dosage and delivery systems.. As you read fhese post you can get some ideas how people take “Ritalin” depending on what type of mental work they will be doing. Yes for math no for english or vice versa. Remember everyone brain chemistry is different there is no automatic answer.

Good luck