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I am just reading the different comments on this topic. Currently I am going through the exercise of getting an assessment done.

However I live in New England but I am from the Toronto area and well aware of the issues of accessing services in the GTA.

ADHD testing is about the same cost here. Generally you need to have your GP make a referral. There is also a waiting time for psychiatrists who treat ADHD.

My opinion has changed since moving to the US with respect to paying for specialized assessment. You need to do your research on the Bilkey clinic (It sounds like some people who have commented already have first hand experience.) and make your own decision. The fees charged seem to be in the competitive range and if you are properly diagnosed and a treatment is developed you will be doing something that potentially may change your life for the better.

A comment was made on conflict of interest. You need to judge the clinic not on whether it is private (you pay) or public pay. based but on its reputation. Does it deliver in terms of health outcomes? Are the patients using the clinic seeing benefit from the assessment? The Bilkey clinic would not continue to be in business if it were not supported and of good quality. You still need to your homework

A Canadian example of a great private clinic is the Shouldice Hospital (GTA) that does hernia repair. It is considered one of the top hernia repair centers in the world.

The problem with the public system is there is enormous waiting time and the system does not guarantee you receive the best quality of care.

In my area I was able to get an appointment with a psychiatrist within a week. It was sheer luck as I called a major medical college teaching hospital and was able to get a referral to a private clinic. My insurance pays for the psych visit. If I end up being tested I will pay out of pocket. For me I want to receive treatment as soon as possible.