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I’m glad to hear about zsazsa’s keys, and would like to share the same idea, but with more depth. I am/was a teacher too. IN my History of Education course, I learned about John Amos Comenious–the “father of eduction” in the 1600’s. He’s the dude who first said A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE. He is my hero. I found a portrait of John Amos, and framed it and hung it right inside my front door. Most people probably thingk it is my great-great-grand-father. There is a basket there for my keys and my wallet, which solves the problem of lost keys or wallets about 98% of the time. (The other 2% of the time it is still hell! ) But John Amos rules throughout my house. There is a place for nearly everything, and some of those places are actually labelled. The only things that get lost now are things that don’t have a place. So I just keep creating places for things, and giving myself the time to put things away in their places QUICKLY before things get out of hand. On a good day, John Amos makes my life alot more livable. On a bad day–watch out!