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Mike, after I saw Daniel Amen’s PBS show on brain function, I bought his book “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” and took the test for ADD–it’s very specific.. I made a list of symptoms going back to kindergarten. It filled a whole page. I gave it to my GP without telling him what I thought. After he finished reading it he said, “It sounds like you have ADD”, and gave me a script for Ritalin. He told me it might take a day or two to kick in. Two hours after I took the first one my head cleared. I’ve already described it in another post. Anyway, you might try that with your GP. Regarding finishing things, I find the “15 minute rule” very helpful. I work on something for 15 minutres and when the timer goes off I move on to something else. I circle around 4 or 5 things and mange to get a lot done. Sometimes I work for more than 15 minutes, but I never let myself quit before the timer goes off. I find that at the end of projects these short spurts help me wad through the final details that make my brain seize up. Sometimes I have to tell myself, “Okay, one more minute” over and over, but I get there and it’s worth it..(Also, I make sure that some of those 15 minute segments are fun things as well as exercise. Notice I don’t equate exercise with fun, but it does help me keep going.) I hope this is helpful to you. We’re pulling for you! Remember, we’re all in this together!