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Re: Self Medicating

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Starlak77, it is not my place to advise, but I will share this……………many of the meds prescribed for ADD(H) are serious.

If I may…..some folks find that ADD meds are a great benefit, others find they are a good “leg up”….or part of a number of elements that make their life shine. Diet can be a huge factor….not just the Canada food guide thing but getting to organic foods where possible, and working with a nutritional professional to understand what things one should be eating and why.

We are what we eat (cliche I know), and so much food today is a “chemical hodgepodge”, that it is really in our best interest to understand what we are eating…..and more importantly what we SHOULD be eating and why. Just because it is sold in a grocery store does not mean it is good for us….chemical sprays and feedlot procedures are terrible for us…..

Exercise, (sure sure)…..is critical to good emotional and mental health. Regular exertion expels toxins and oxygenates the blood and brain, and relieves stress and tension. Fact is 10 minuets, or simply exercising during the commercials… while watching TV in the evening is enough to make one feel better than they ever did. It doesn’t take much, but it must be regular.

Counseling can provide a world (lifetime)of benefits as well. I feel it doesn’t have to be an ADD counselor either……but a good counselor you can work with. I went for years and it provided me with a lifetime of learning understand and peace…..a life with no regrets. I’m 61 and never once ever regretted the time I spent in counseling. Best thing I ever did….EVER!!!!

So careful…..meds can be a great tool……but abuse could cause an additional world of problems. Many folks here subscribe to the multi-point concept of managing their wellness, some include meds in that regime……..and have a great deal of success in their lives from it.

I’m just sayin’…….