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Re: Shadow Syndromes

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That “Shadow Syndrome” concept is interesting. I would often question whether my ADHD was a symptom of some other condition, the reason being that when I would research other mental conditions I found that I had similarities to those conditions. For example I would often ask myself, “Am I ADHD or a Hyper-Intellectual?”, “Am I ADHD or a High-Functioning Autistic and a High-Functioning Schitzophrenic?”. I honestly don’t have many imminent friends simply because I find the art of thinking more stimulating than any sort of social function, unless the social function stimulates my thinking. Another thing that made me wonder if I was a High-Functioning Autistic is that often times I don’t understand my own feelings, I didn’t even understand what anxiety was until I described the feelings to my cousin, then he said,”your suffering from anxiety”. I would assume that most people use some sort of intuitive reasoning to understand what feelings compose certain emotions. Right now I’m wondering if an Introvert-ADHD personality presents similar symptoms to that of a High-Functioning Autistic and thats why I’m finding so many similarities. My quest continues…