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Re the above comments.

Tigger – thanks. Already have Ratey’s “Shadow Syndromes.” Found it very helpful.

Have dysgraphia, a weird version of Dyslexia (can’t spell words which may have double letters {apalled, appaled, appalled ALL look wrong to me}, and a touch of OCD.

Re Aaron’s comments on typng:


I’ve made my living as a Writer since the early 70’s, BUT I still type with one finger! (And I have to look at the keys. Still don’t remember where they are, though I am blazingly fast. Weird!)

Re I.Q.: I once attended a lecture by ADD Specialist, Dr. Daniel Amen and he said, “Over an I.Q. of 160, EVERYONE has ADD”!

Haven’t seen the documentation on that … but it sounds right. (I know quite a few people with monstrously high I.Q.’s, and they’re all ADD).

As for me – missed “genius” by two points.

Damn. <vbg>

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Meds do NOT affect your I.Q. If anything, you’re probably “smarter” because you can remember more.)