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I have the same problem, I cannot stand noises and especially eating sounds! I used to think that perhaps it was because I was tortured in a previous lifetime, tied to a chair or wall and forced to listen to others eat while I starved, or perhaps I was hiding in the wilderness and heard my colleagues being eaten by animals ….

I quit my last job as an accounting supervisor and I really think it was because I couldn’t focus at all in the open office environment we were in, we went from low-rise cubicles in a long row, with one cubicle on one side, to a “bull-pen” style of low-rise cubicles, where there were four of us facing outwards – this amplified the sounds of people working behind me (I have extremely sensitive hearing) .

One of my co-workers used to slam a file drawer in her desk and it shook all of our cubicles because it was overloaded – I asked her not to slam it and perhaps take some files out as it was so heavy. The response came through my supervisor – she thought I was treating her like a child! She also used to leave the radio volume on her deskphone slightly on and I couldn’t stand the noise of it, so whenever she left for the day (and I was working overtime because it was the only quiet time I could get to concentrate), I would turn it off!

I am on a trial of ritalin at the moment (taking my husband’s meds) and the one test we haven’t done is for me to sit at my computer (next to the kitchen) while my husband chops vegetables and chews the crunchy ones while he’s working – that is usually enough to send me WAAAAAAAY ’round the bend. I prefer to eat meals while watching tv (drowns out the sounds of others eating).

I am guessing that our awareness is increasing of how things can be more normal when we’re on meds, and that could be heightening our awareness of them when we’re not on meds (did that make sense?)