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Re: Sleep, sweet deep sleep.

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CMC – I’ve always had trouble falling asleep and I have the same lack of motivation when it comes to exercise. I’ve decided to look at this wholistically and change my diet, so I’m cutting waaaay down on sugar. The only sugar I’m taking is the foods that have it in them naturally, like fruit, and occasionally find in bread, etc. Cutting out caffeine completely. I do use melatonin when I REALLY can’t fall asleep (ie laying there for hours until I can’t take it anymore), but I find that melatonin, while it helps me get to sleep and stay asleep, I don’t feel particularly rested when I wake in the AM. It appears you have a dog, does it help motivate you when he/she is looking at you begging for a walk? I know that helps me.

I’m wondering if you have a daily routine. I’ve never had a routine and wonder if this contributes to my ADD and if I did try and stick to a routine if that would help me focus more. I haven’t tried meds for the ADD yet (still discovering), but I do take Celexa to balance my moods. I’m going to try and manage this first without meds, but if I still feel frustrated and unable to get things done, I’ll go ahead and give it a try. But for now, I’m watching my diet and eating only things that “remember where they came from” and nothing processed: Walking my dog for exercise; and melatonin when i need it.

I also wonder if any of you have issues with Agoraphobia or social anxiety.