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Re: Sleep, sweet deep sleep.

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Hmmm… well, I have been in a pretty hightened state of anxiety for a several months now. For a variety for reasons, although baseline state at the best of times seems to be fairly anxious. But sleep has been particularly rotten since December. Anxiety, depression, the end of a relationship, christmas, the season…

One of my stimulation seeking activities is to play games or read news on my phone. Obsessively. So, have been doing this as a means to get to sleep, or at least be able to lie down without all the rumination. Self soothing. But I think this type of activity stimulates part of the brain. Also, have been waking up at 4:30 or so fairly consistently. Same thing, first thing I do is reach for my phone.

Now, this is extreme, even for me,and I expect it to get better. I am also taking steps to get my ADD and other symptoms managed. So the melatonin is to manage the acute aspects. But, on what I might consider to be typical conditions, I do still struggle with having a routine, and sticking to it. In that case, basically similar issues, just not usually so severe, or for so long a period. I have stimulation seeking behaviours, I think mostly to deal with anxiety, but the behaviours do not help sleep.

You know what I miss? Do you remember sleeping at a friends house when you where a kid? And you slept so soundly, and woke up so rested, and in the moment, that you did no know where you were at first? I used to relish that feeling, trying to postpone the moment where I figured out where I was, but at that point, the possibilities where endless – I could be anywhere. Would love to recapture just a little of that feeling of restfulness and comfort!

Anyway, probably much more than you asked for, lol.