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Re: Small box not big box

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When you add the hoarding of guilt to the myriad of other things we end up hoarding it is paralyzing. As for things that you feel might be valuable ask a couple of local antique dealers in your area to come and give you an estimate for an estate sale. When my grandmother got older she sat down with my sister and made up a detailed multi-page list of who got what. The minute she died the list disappeared and my greedy relatives all helped themselves. I was the one to go over and help her clean while she was alive and take her grocery shopping. What did I get when she died. I got a broken tea set, a broken silver tray, some 10 dollar figurines. My sister kept the silverwear that was given to me but grandma entertained quite a bit so I left it with her, the spoons, the tea set that I had given her, my water cooler and on and on. But I also got a lot of memories of time spent with her when she was alive and a very valuable lesson for when I get older.