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Re: Small box not big box

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Just saw a Yahoo video of a family of 3 moving into a 320 sqft home. We currently have 1500 sq ft of hoarders paradise. They bought their home free and clear for under 20,000 and pay 145 a month for lot rental and they have a 320 sq ft work space beside the house. So for $20,000 pl $145 a month they have 620 sq ft of space. Now if I write them and ask for the builder do you think that I can buy a few of their units to store my extra junk. I could buy 3 of these babies have 1860 sq ft spend 60,000 bucks plus 435 a month for rental. I can use these as my storage bins and the family and I could move into 1 lot. I could have one with the kitchen living room bathroom and the other could house 2 bdrms and a loft, along with a sm washroom. The other two of these babies can be set up to store our junk or we could have 1.5 for junk and the other half can be set up as a guest quarters. We could add a bdrm and a kitchen living room bath if people come to stay. They never need to enter our unit. Sounding better and better all the time. Check it out, http://ca.shine.yahoo.com/downsized–family-lives-mortgage-free-in-320-square-foot-home.html 8)