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Re: Small box not big box

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My sister-in-law is the garage sale junkie, and she says that you don’t get much these days for household contents. So let people take what they want (make sure your own family has room for what they want, have them get rid of some stuff to make room) and then give away the rest or call an estate auctioneer to give you a reasonable assessment of what it would be worth to hold an onsite estate sale. Just beware of them wanting to haul it away to storage because you’ll pay for them to move it and for storage.

My grandparents had lovely china but nobody wanted it. And it wasn’t worth a helluva lot on the market. But someone, not our family, will enjoy it.

It’s just STUFF. We add the emotional content to it “It’s Mother’s favourite” etc. Well, Mother isn’t around anymore to enjoy it and she won’t know if we toss it in the dump or give it away.

I wish my parents had done their own purge so we didn’t have to do it for them. It was major work and really hard to do, but at least my sister-in-law was sensible about it. For the grandkids who were too young to pick out things (they were kept away from the house while this went on), she made them each up a box of what she thought they might appreciate as they got older.

We also took lots of photos of the china before boxing it up so we have those memories if we care to spend time reminiscing. That’s a popular suggestion.

Now take that little box and fill it up!