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Re: Small bussiness owner loophole?!

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…i had a long detailed responce with pros and cons..idk what happend…youd think a site for ppl with add would have auto save. Any way…i didnt get the job as an agent, its my friends husbands xompany and hes been doing tou lead referal thing for awhile by advertising but it got expensive so hes trying the agent method out for the first time with hopes that he gets the benefits of advertisint without the cost. Also itd be fair cuz each phone person and field person would directly earn their money. His clause only includes that someone one must amswer and state they have an interest/need for the service, it doesnt need to close. This and ither things you mentioned that are kinda rip offs are probably part of the reason whyafter doing billing and payroll for him for a week among other tasks that give me an indepth look at hiw his company operates, ive concluded that im on the wrong side of the desk lol. He doesnt have all those horrible scammy things that the other companies are apparently using for cheap labour. Iur field person WOULD be making good money if it wasnt for the fact that each employee is screwing over the company by not working together…on days that we have one personin the fiels and one person making calls within th hour of getting the lead, its like a 90% suess.but on