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Re: Smart phone: helpful or distracting?

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Hi all, new here. I have a serious internet black hole issue. I actually find the smart phone HELPS with this problem, as I am capable of sending a quick email on the smart phone and incapable of it (doing only that) on my computer. Also makes my calendar available everywhere, all the time, with a built-in backup. I store a ton of information in the contacts file and an Excel spreadsheet and these are ported to my phone…so I don’t have to remember what i will need with me at any time, it’s almost always in the phone somewhere. So I’m a HUGE fan of smart phones. The various tools just keep getting better.

I was THRILLED to find today an app for my DROID that is a “visual” timer that shows you like a pie chart how much time is left before i’m supposed to be doing something else. (“Activity timer” from LiteDroid Studios). Similar apps are available for iPhone.

Has anyone tried any of the Internet blocking softwares, that force you to constrain which sites are allowed (if any) for time periods you yourself set?