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Re: Smart phone: helpful or distracting?

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I LOVE my Droid X. It’s been an ADD lifesaver. My calendar app (CalenGoo) sync’s with my Google calendar and my google task’s. I have another app for tasks that sync’s with the all the above AND it has alarms to remind me when something is due. It’s helpful, but definitely not ADD proof. I set up a task with (!!!!!) reminder’s that alarmed everyday and on scheduled hours up until the due date, but I still forgot it (I had a lot going on at the time). Benefits: fits in my pocket (as opposed to needing a gimugous purse for my gimungous date book), I don’t lose loose paper’s or sticky notes, because there aren’t any to lose, lots of choices for “tool” and “productivity” apps (to-do list’s, budgeting, alarms, stopwatches, on & on-just choose what works for your brain) **and you can uninstall apps if you don’t like them** ***most apps are FREE***, there’s an app to instantly record yourself, conversations, lectures….,NOT TO MENTION…. IT’s A PHONE with camera, video, mp3, GPS!!!!

Have I convinced you? Of course the down side is getting sucked in for hours doing absolutely stupid things, like spending 6 hours personalizing the colors and fonts for your calendar, but clearly, the benefits out way any anxiousness about being obsessed with your smartphone. When you get your smartphone, allow yourself a day or two of guilt free obsession. It’ll take about that long to just figure out the basics how to use it. (Pretty much everything KrazyKat said, but with more ’emotional reactivity’!) ;]