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Re: So embarassing…but skin picking, anyone?

Re: So embarassing…but skin picking, anyone?2010-12-13T01:26:14+00:00

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Wow. Never expected to come across this topic here. Yep, I do it too; the “facial excavation” (what a great description!) , squeeze those things on my arms, chew the inside of my mouth like tinkywink (thanks for bringing that to my attention) etc. Aren’t we gross :-)

I also pluck hairs, particularly on my face but practically all over, once I even did all the hair on my legs. Ha! No $ from me that month waxing lady. This has become something of an issue lately since I’m digging out hairs that are ingrown or aren’t ready to come out, making it bleed and scar.

It was fairly recently that I realized what I am doing and that losing track of time in front of the mirror or with the tweezers like I often do isn’t “normal”. I was watching the TV show “Obsessed” and BINGO! It’s about people with highly disruptive OCD and while I don’t believe I have OCD, what I’m doing is probably some kind of response to anxiety coupled with hyperfocusing/procrastination because I find myself doing it more when I am avoiding doing something else. It is also possible that the Adderall I’ve been on for the last 3 months for my ADD is fueling this behavior because I think I’m doing it more than I have been.

I hadn’t connected the two until now and I think I’ll run it by my Dr and therapist to see what they think. I’ll let you know :)

Oh BTW, I used to chew my nails and fingers really bad as when I was younger. The way I broke that habit was by always having my nails painted and as well manicured as possible. Acrylics were good too. Not as satisfying to chew on somehow and it costs money to fix when you do which worked as a deterrent for me.