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Re: So how do I know if it's working?

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Hi GG still with you. Great support group….great. I feel similar to the others like John’s post inparticular….on perspective and time.

We tend to view reality through the eyes of our mind. We all see things differently..all of us. Your vision and mine are not the same. both visions are limited and likely inadequate but not to the same extent….we all have a different reality Our misinterpretations and distortions are different GG. We all see things to which another is maybe blind… point being …..it is the dimension and clarity with which we see our small worlds…..which determine dimension and quality of our life. Those things to which we are blind or have distorted diminish or limit a full life and happiness. So GG if we are to change and grow we have change our basic vision….our perception of reality. That is the internal challenge that leads us to our path…we all have one.

When I’m on my path following my heart not my head…. the correct one….. my heart is calm, life is full… it guides me in life. When I stray and it happens…I become agitated and have a general dis-ease. If I pay attention to my heart it will tell me to poke my head up and look around….something is off. When I’m back pointed right and on my path…. the calm will return.

It does not happen over night…it was years of internal searching and counseling with a great guide….but it was worth it every minute. I always encourage any and everybody to take the journey….best thing I ever did, for me for my family and my life partner.

be well GG……….