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Re: So how do I know if it's working?

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What a great thread. GG, you have company here!

toofat mentioned ‘dismay’ a couple posts above. When my doc and I increased my Concerta (same drug as Ritalin, but time released) I got irritable and felt generally dismayed. I’ve heard it said on this board that the feelings are akin to grieving… for the time lost, opportunities missed, and when it gets right down to it, feeling sorry for oneself. It doesn’t have to be that way. I learned to forgive myself first, then to grab the bootlaces and start into rearranging my life. toofat’s recommendation of following your heart is pure gold.

As for “buckling down,” I suggest you click on the ‘blog’ tab on the left and take Rick’s Challenge #2.

A few days ago, I read a post by a motorcycle mechanic who just picked up one tool, then another, and by the time a few minutes were up, his shop was clean. Don’t over think, just get zen and do. Do.

Perhaps the three drawer concept will work for you. Drawer A contains all the things that ‘if I don’t do this today, life as we know it will end.’ Drawer B contains all the things that will become Drawer A items some time in the future. Drawer C contains everything else.

Ignore Drawer B and C.

Now, take ONE item out of Drawer A, take care of it, pat yourself on the back for accomplishment. Enjoy the endorphin rush. Just reach in that drawer and grab one. Grab the first motorcycle shop tool that needs to be put away. Just do.

How do I know my meds are working? When the stand-up comedian in my head either (1) shuts up, or (2) makes sense. Yes, it’s a circus in here, but I’ve learned to actually enjoy it. As Dudley Moore said in Arthur, “sometimes I just have funny thoughts.”

Just as planting good seeds grow good tomatoes, planting good thoughts grow good days. I spend a few minutes at the start of each day gazing out my window. I impassionately face the ideas which disturb me, which at one time I would have become focused upon, fretted about, and probably let them drive my day. No longer. If they can be dealt with, I put them in their proper drawer, and go on to brighter thoughts. I watch the sunrise, listen to the birds, say good morning to my dog and generally guide myself into a calm and hopeful state. Every morning. It’s just another ADD habit maybe, but it works for me.

Just throwing this out there, hope you can find what works for you. It took me a couple years to learn to “have a good day.”