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Re: So how do I know if it's working?

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For years, I thought certain medications were working well. I was diagnosed in 2003 (age 40) and first put on Wellbutrin; my PCP was leary of the “on/off switch” effect of Ritalin and how it might affect my diabetic care. Within a month, I found my driving had become much safer, though I was troubled by the tremor side-effect. In 2006, a new family doctor put my on Effexor at my request, because of its possible benefits for my Asperger Syndrome; it did help with my anxieties and depressions. This past year, I was losing the effect of Effexor on my depression, but I was leary of giving up what I thought was “good” ADD control (as long as there were no accidents or close calls while driving, I thought I had good control; yeah, right, duh…); I finally broke down and called a psychiatrist who had been recommended by the therapist who diagnosed my Asperger in 2005. A few days on just 10 mg of Adderall XR, I was already feeling the difference: anxieties seemed to level off , I had much more energy to do things at the end of a long day, driving became MUCH more pleasant, I felt much less combative with my wife, I could pull myself out of bed (with energy) after only one or hits of the snooze alarm, and I had much better control over my tendency to interrupt others. I’m now on 20 mg on rising and 20 mg at lunch, and the result is dramatic. It’s even become easy to get to work and clock in on time!

Keep trying until you find what works! It took me 7 years, but I finally found it!