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Re: So you don't like Meds? What alternatives work best for you?

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to be honest… for me in my life, medication and good counselling need to come hand in hand. I found that the more I was open with my specialist on how I felt about taking meds… the more comfortable I was with them. For so long I let myself think that my life was controlled by a little pill… but in reality it isn’t. A pill didn’t make me smarter… I was smart all along… the meds just help the neurones in my brain shoot properly so I can focus on life like everyone else.

I have also been on meds though where I did feel like it was messing with my body… and even with who I was. I found that again talking to a dr. about it helped me to see that maybe that particular medication wasn’t right for me.

I loved how my dr said it once when I was a bit upset about the idea of long term drug use… “You wouldn’t tell a diabetic to consider not carrying around their insulin shots”.

Now having said this… I do not at all want to come across as that person who makes it seem like you are wrong in feeling the way that you do… or to get over it. I hate people like that!!!! So please understand I mean no harm.

As I have grown up with my ADHD I have noticed that I have not needed to take my meds as often. No you can’t grow out of ADHD… but for me at least I have found that as I have gotten to know my ADHD I know my boundaries more and more. Where I am strong and where I am weak. For instance… I know that I don’t need my meds unless I am facing tasks that I have trouble focussing on or accomplishing… like cleaning my house. This is not the case for everyone, I am purely speaking out of my experiences.

There are for sure methods for getting tasks done… not needing meds. I find check box lists are really great because it keeps me on track and there is something rewarding about checking that little box when I have accomplished a task… even a small one. People with ADHD do great with rewards and acknowledgement. My mom is a social worker with a specialization in ADHD and substance abuse. So I grew up in a home where she would help us to better understand ourselves and how we best function. In her studies people with ADHD do well with making lists and giving themselves rewards when a task is complete… just the check beside a task on your sheet gives a sense of reward.

I also find that if I am accountable to someone it has helped me with follow through. My husband helps me with that one. He will call me in the day to ask me how…. such and such is going and how I my progress is going. That really helps a lot. I know he is going to call so it helps me to accomplish things.

I hope that in what I have written you can find some helpful suggestions.

I would recommend you talk to a specialist about medications or look up online to see what ADHD researchers have to say on that subject. For me it really helped. But it is important that counselling goes with it. The meds help to bring your body to a level where you can better focus… and the counselling helps to understand the ADHD. I know that some people just don’t feel good about medicating at all… and each to their own. But as someone who was diagnosed 17 years ago and has grown up most my life knowing about my ADHD, medications have helped so much. I just look at it like my dr said. A person with diabetes needs their in sullen to survive.