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WOW ………….. So I.m not the only one. Sometimes I just want to rip the hair out of my head. There are time I just want to snap. Many , many time I have brought this to the attention on my doctor and it has been brushed under the carpet and I leave with no answer to what it is. Have suffered a long time with this to the point of just staying close to home most of the time so I can controll my noise levels around me. I have resorted to ear plug in my home with my family, not to totally block them out just to lower the level and my anxiety. I have just join this web site and did the self test for ADD and am 100% sure that I have it. This web site was introduce to me from my sons’ counselor who has just confirm that my son has ADD. I have been to hell and back with my son’s school and myself trying to fix what I thought was a discipline problem. It just feels good to know that someone else has noise sensitivgities.

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