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Re: Some comments about the forum design

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I agree on the “new posts” button…. that really comes in handy for an active forum and busy people.

We have one – here’s the site/forum I run:


The entry page, designed by my son, a professional web designer and advertising person, working for Gannett publishing company (the ads on cars.com – many of them are by him)

Here’s the entry or home page for the forum:


Unfortunately, my OWN home page for personal use is acting up..

From a design standpoint, for signage, etc., black text on a canary background is proven to be the most visible….. but certainly not great for a web site.

I understand that different eyes have different needs, and certainly can’t argue that you should have no issues with these colors….

The text size you’ll find is pretty standard for almost all forums. i’m a member of several forums, mostly automotive, several computer, internet and security related sites, some have SMALLER text! Not saying it’s ok, or good, etc. – not by any means. Just saying – compared to quite a few, this one is pretty “standard” and I wonder if the colors were not chosen on purpose to relax. Colors have everything to do with mood. I get really wound up with certain colors, myself.

I believe it’s certainly worthwhile for everyone to have their say and the site owners do what’s best for the majority, or for the site type. It that means it’s no longer these colors, so be it ;-)

(yes, we need smilies, etc.)