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Re: Some comments about the forum design

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RESPECTFULLY, I disagree, and will back my OPINIONS, such as they are:

I find the colors relaxing for a change………. which I need badly. No bold red, no bright distracting colors, no flashing images or moving text. THANK YOU! I feel more relaxed here than at the car forum I RUN myself (with some moderators helping)

This is a calm relaxing place. Again, my opinion only, yours may vary……….

I agree with the lack of search, however, on forums that are in the world for a little while, google will allow you to search by domain.

So you CAN use google’s advanced features and tell it you want to search the totallyadd.com domain for whatever key words you choose. Bing probably does the same – search by domain. Keep a tab open to google, a tab open to this forum.

Just a thought –

Actaully, I’m pretty calm right now, but reading your post, sorry while I LOL – I see myself posting that exact thing on a different day!

I guess so far, little problem and I’m 53, far-sighted, bad eyes, one doesn’t even work and I guess I”m getting by.

Maybe later I’ll try to find something and get frustrated and come back agreeing with ya!