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I always think things are worth investigating.

My opinion is that the more knowledge you have, the better.

I read about him years ago when I was doing a paper on ADHD (Nature or Nurture?) at Ryerson and his scans made sense to me.

If this can help pinpoint the problem areas and what types of medication , why not?

Personally, I abhor the idea of trial and error medications. I am self-employed, support myself and have to be functioning to the best of my abilities every single day. I also understand that most people repond well to routine medications…. but why not see if this is a tool that may enable a more accurate medical, psychological diagnosis and course of action?

I also don’t believe the DSM is the ultimate and final arbiter in diagnosis. Why do you think they keep revising it?

New information comes to light. Change comes slowly to certain fields, especially when quite a few people have to agree on what is to be published.

I do believe there are many, many different types of ADD/HD based upon my personal experiences.

Most of my family and friends are in our gang and although we share similarities, none of us are alike. I have been in the hairstyling industry for 28 years…do you know how many one on one conversations I’ve had with people, most of whom I have know for 20 years or more??? Tens of thousands…!

Tracking the blood flow to and around the brain does make sense. Even better if you could do it while the client is performing a variety of tasks as well as resting. I think his theories bear weight and are worth investigating further. Why slam the door?

People may have a problem with his marketing approach….it seems that if you are dedicated to your work, then being an enterpreneur is verboten if you want to be taken seriously.

This is my opinion based on my personal knowledge and experiences.

Other folks may have different ones based on their experiences, which is fine, too.

It’s all about learning about oneself and trying to improve upon what hand we were dealt.