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Hey thanks BuxomDiva! I noticed there was nothing in the summary having to do with ADHD or ADD so I guess it’s full steam ahead (though we’ll know for sure by May 2013).

Dr. Amen mentioned that some of his patients had difficulty with medication for up to two years. Didn’t mean to imply that all of them were so afflicted. A quick read of some of the stories in the addforums.com discussion area will net a lot of anecdotal information from ADHD folk who experience varying successes and failures with medication. Doesn’t seem to be (yet) a pure cut-and-dried science. It’s not – I suppose – like taking an aspirin for a headache, or an antibiotic for an infection.

Maybe Dr. Amen is overly optimistic in supposing that a brain scan would net a more accurate picture of the ADHD condition. I honestly don’t know. Hence, my ignorance, resulting in the question posed here.

I appreciate your insight into CAMH – thank you very much for that.