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Dear Dr. J.

I am very frustrated! I’m 53, diagnosed 7 months ago (like the rest of you it explained soooo much about my life).

Anyway, I’m inattentive type, prone to very low moods, non-motivation, distracted to the point of driving me crazy.

Tried low does Vyvanse, made me very tense and irritable.

Then Adderal IR –10mg AM 5mg 4 hours later. more alert, but focus not better, irritable.

Going to Doc next week. I am a high school teacher and am bombarded with stimulation all day long. I love it and hate it at the same time. I’m never bored, but often stressed to the max as the demands are enormous and I think stimulants exacerbate the stress.

So, what med could I take that will slow down my brain, but not make me lethargic? My mind is always racing and I can’t shut it down unless I take a nap.

I was thinking maybe Welbutrin (have been on many SSRI”s didn’t help)

Any suggestions? I am very sensitive to all medications (a little goes a long way)