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I in university and have ADHD too. I went for about a year and a half without any medication before I noticed my grades starting to slip because I couldn’t pay attention in class, focus on studying or get assignments done on time. I talked to a counsellor at my school and my doctor that diagnosed me with ADHD when I was in middle school and they both agreed that I should start medication and be given extra time on exams.

If you find yourself struggling because of your ADHD, go see the counsellor at school. They’re very understanding now because many students to have ADHD and struggle to keep up.

My doctor also gave me some study tips which help a great deal. He recommended studying a little bit throughout the day, like reading the notes I just wrote after a class or skimming the next chapter of a textbook before a class. I started breaking my studying down into 10-20 minute chunks, and just study continually throughout the day. I found I remembered more and understood more than when I was trying to do all my homework and studying in a solid few hour chunk in the evenings. My marks went up noticeably when I started medication and studying in a much more effective way.