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Re: Stimulants and Anti-Depressants

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I’d highly recommend watching the videos here, they’re a great tool to educate yourself on ADD. So many people are misdiagnosed, including me! I’ve been on Celexa for a few years now and I don’t even think I’m depressed , or am depressed because I can’t function because I have ADD. My doctor told me that the two sometimes overlap. Just tell your doctor what you just said above and if they’re not qualified to diagnose you, ask to see a specialist.

Today is my second day on Ritalin and I’m already feeling more “normal” and functional than I have in years! It was pretty much instantaneous, although I know I may need to adjust meds or change meds (get a slight headache), and take a wholistic approach (diet, exercise, etc.) but this has really opened a door for me and I feel like I’m starting my life anew. I know this won’t “fix” me totally but it is certainly given me the sense that I “can do”.

I urge you to get tested and wish you the best of luck.